"CYAP Enters A $15 Billion Industry As It Unleashes One Of The Most Eagerly Anticipated Mobile Apps!"

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Cyber Apps World (CYAP)
Cyber Apps World (CYAP) is a company that has dedicated itself towards acquiring and developing Apps that will generate revenues 24 hours a day, 365 days a year around the world.

Introducing CYAP ‘s First App “Savinst” The next generation of eCommerce. Unlike Amazon, Alibaba etc, Savinst creates a following of dedicated consumers who Save Instantly when making purchases daily and, expect deep discounts from Vendors wanting to sell products to targeted consumers in their area or around the world.

What is Savinst?

Savinst is both a Coupon and an eCommerce App.

Savinst coupons will attract subscribers in every town, city, state and country around the world, wanting to Save Instantly on daily purchases. These effortless Savings will be acquired by use of the “Savinst” App on a Smart Phone.

Savinst eCommerce Platform will allow millions of businesses around the world to sell their products to Savinst Subscribers at deep discounts. These Vendors will also be able to sell the product they wish to clear (anonymously if they wish) at a reduced price and, continue to sell the same product on their online or physical store at regular Price. The buyer will only find out who the seller is upon Payment.

Why Invest In CYAP?
  1. The coupon industry was worth more than $3.5 billion in 2009 and has since grown exponentially.
  2. Global advertising revenues from mobile advertising is expected to grow 400% between 2011 and 2016.
  3. Ecommerce sales passed $1.2 trillion in 2014 and double-digit CAGR’s are expected to power online consumer spending well foward.
  4. By 2016 it is estimated that there will be 10 billion connected devices in use globally – that’s one for every single person on earth.
  5. Companies like Amazon have a Market Cap of over $350 Billion.
CYAP Is A Top-Level Investment Opportunity In A Space
That Makes The Best Of Two Growth Industries
  • CYAP represents an untapped investment opportunity which means investors can get in on its growth potential at the ground floor level.
  • Just like the Angel Investors made Billions of dollars getting in on the ground floor of companies like FaceBook, Google, Amazon etc. This is your opportunity to do the same by Investing in CYAP now.
  • Currently the shares are trading around $0.20. With the Savinst App almost complete and coming to market this fall, shares of CYAP could easily trade at over $1.25.
  • A small investment in CYAP could result in unimaginable returns.
How Does Savinst Work??
Savinst is a user friendly platform that will create its own virtual online trading post where businesses, manufactures and individual sellers can conduct online ecommerce 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, around the world. Savinst NEVER closes.

Using virtually any smartphone, subscribers will Save Instanly while shopping for their everyday needs. Using the GPS feature within Savinst, consumers will be able to locate discounts and coupons from their current location and save money Instantly without any effort.

For example a Savinst subscriber is shopping at the grocery store. At check-out, the consumer checks Savinst App for any discount coupons and then simply shows the barcode Coupon to the cashier for SAVINGS INSTANTLY…. no more coupon clipping or organizing.

The local Vendor will generate additional Revenues as our Subscribers will select them over their completion because of the Savings. This allows the Vendor to pay Savinst for their Coupon Advertising. Through Social Media, Subscribers will share their money saving experiences with friends and family and this will grow the user base for Savinst. The larger the user base, the higher the Coupon Advertising Revenue.

By doing this, Savinst will create subscribers in small towns, cities, states and countries around the world. Vendors will be encouraged to upload their product or service to Savinst and to provide deep discounts to subscribers. Savinst will suggest a 25% discount or more.

Once Savinst has approved the merchants uploaded offer, the item or service, will become live on Savinst. This will only take a few minutes. Any subscriber that sets an alert for such an item or service will be notified instantly and allow the consumer to purchase the item right away from their iWatch iOS or Desktop before supplies run out. This system cuts out the middlemen and allows the seller to pass on more savings to our subscribers.

Vendors will pay Savinst a small fee for every transaction made on it's eCommerce Platform. Savinst will generate revenues online 24 hours a day 7 days a week in an automatic environment. With Billions of people and Millions of businesses around the world, Savinst truly is the next generation of eCommerce.

Once Again, Don't miss out of this 'Once in a lifetime opportunity'!

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